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Multi-Gen Homes
Multi-Gen Homes
Multi-Gen Homes
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Multi-Gen homes are an exciting new concept in homeownership coming soon to Niagara for families that want to stay close and connected, yet have their independence and privacy. This revolutionary new concept is a first in Niagara and promises flexibility, affordability, and options for first time buyers, grand parents and large families in the Flex-Gen or Multi-Gen floor plans. The homes offer a choice of two or three homes in one, each with their own private entrance and flexible floor plans.


three families


Ideal for multigenerational and extended families with members planning retirement and wanting to stay close to their children and grandchildren and for large families with their own children entering college or university. 

two families


Our FlexGen two-level is perfect for smaller families living with senior parents or young professionals working towards independence with the support of their families and for those requiring in-home, long term care providers.

Multi-Gen Homes

Multigenerational living supports family connection, affordability and sustainable living!

Three homes in one benefits three generations of homeowners – providing plenty of space and independence for each homeowner, each with a private entrance. MultiGen homes are setting a new standard for family living! 

Multi-Gen Homes


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Ideal for multigenerational and extended families, each with their own private entrance and flexible floor plans.


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