Service Policy

Congratulations on your new home purchase! Your Pinewood Home is packed with over 45 years of experience.

At this time, we would like to highlight our service policy and procedures. To ensure proper communication and timely service, please follow the procedures outlined and this will enable us to address any of your questions in a timely manner. Pinewood will pass on the experience of our company to you when it comes time to maintaining your new home along with the time frame of when any issues should be addressed.

Listed below are the official service timelines:

1. Pre-delivery inspections and 40-day review

When reviewing your new home before occupancy, this is called a Pre-Delivery Inspection (P.D.I). This joint inspection gives you the opportunity to ensure that your chosen selections have been properly installed. It is also a chance to advise the Client Care consultant if any aspect of the home building requires any minor repair that may have been missed during the building process. The Client Care consultant will take this time to also do a brief mechanical walk through with you to review the maintenance you need to keep your home operating well and may include Furnace filters, ERV systems, hot water tanks and general shut offs needed for gas or water.

A P.D.I form is completed and sent on to our service team. The Pinewood team will do all they can, given proper access, to complete all warranted items on the PDI during the first 40 days of ownership. Should we be unable to complete the items within these first 40 days, you may place them on the Tarion Statutory report online. The Tarion form should be completed in a timely manner as per the Tarion website instructions. Once the form is sent to Tarion and a copy to us, we shall start the process to finish any repairs and we have 120 days to do so. During that time, please advise us that the work has been done to your satisfaction and that no other items have arisen to be addressed.

2. First Year Anniversary

The next opportunity to address questions or concerns is the one-year anniversary of your occupancy of your new home. Please keep a list of any warranted items needing attention that comes up and put it on your one-year report to Tarion. Once the form is received by Tarion and a copy sent to us, we again have 120 days to complete repairs. We will be in contact with you throughout the time to ensure your repairs are completed in a timely manner and are acceptable to you.

Emergency Calls

Despite our stringent building standards and codes, sometimes things get missed. Should there be an emergency, such as lack of heat, water leaks, gas leaks or any concern you have where you feel immediate attention is needed, please call the proper authorities first—for example, a gas leak needs the Fire Department and a broken water main needs the City. During regular business hours advise us of the incident. All tags with phone numbers are attached to the lines near the furnace and will be pointed out during the PDI. Ensure your family knows all Emergency or City contact numbers as needed.

TIPS: please visit the Tarion website at for all warranty timelines, review of the construction guidelines and for tips on home maintenance.