Buyer’s Acknowledgement

1. Owners are reminded that cleaning/changing their Filters on both their Furnace and ERV systems is their responsibility after closing for maximum operating efficiency.

2. Smoke detectors after closing become the responsibility of the Owners and must be maintained in accordance with Manufacturer’s instructions. Smoke or carbon monoxide detectors must not be disabled or removed in any way to cause them to be ineffective.

3. Hose Bib locations are discussed as part of the PDI Pre Delivery Inspection, and it is important that the Owners understand the purpose of turning the water off and on as per seasonal requirements.

4. Refer to section 5 of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale wherein it states the Homeowner is responsible for maintaining all sod placed down after the initial watering day on the date of installation by the Vendor.

5. It is the Homeowners responsibility to ensure a copy of the (APS) Agreement of Purchase and Sale is given to their Lawyers and Financial Institution asap upon receipt of the executed copy from the Vendor. Any subsequent amendments or closing notices must also be given to them upon receipt from the Vendor.

6. The Homeowners must be aware that Closings can happen at any time during the day that the firm closing date has been scheduled for and should not anticipate attending to the home at any time before 5pm on the date of closing.

7. All items on Schedule K could indicate that added fees may be charged to the Homeowner and the Homeowner should be aware of each of these clauses to avoid unexpected costs on date of closing or before.

8. Some items, such as basement rough ins for future washrooms or laundry rooms, garage door openers, alarm systems, lights or fans in laundry closets will be deemed to be extras and must be discussed with the Salesperson at time of the Agreement being completed.

9. The Vendor will not supply or install toilet roll holders, towel rods or mirrors in any home in any location (unless part of the Agreement to leave existing ones in place) and these are for the Homeowner to supply and install.

10. Should the Vendor supply any appliances as part of any special promotion at the time of the Agreement being completed, the Vendor will not install any of the said appliances and this is for Homeowner to complete.

11. Driveways will not be completed unless they are part of the Standard Features of an individual home.