The MultiGen Difference

In this unprecedented year, people have come to realize the importance of family and how much it means to stay connected and together with the ones you love. There is no better way of staying connected, but also maintaining your own privacy, than with a MultiGen or FlexGen home from Pinewood Niagara Builders.  

MultiGen homes are an exciting new concept in homeownership coming soon to Niagara for families that want to stay close and connected yet have their independence and privacy. Three generations of homeowners can now benefit from these multi-level, multi-door homes – providing privacy and independence for each resident, while optimizing your connections and time spent with your family. 

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This revolutionary new concept is a first in Niagara and promises flexibility, affordability, and options for first time buyers, grandparents, and large families. The homes offer a choice of two or three homes in one, each with their own private entrance and flexible space for everyone to enjoy.  

Our FlexGen two-level is perfect for smaller families living with senior parents, or young professionals working towards independence with the support of their families, and for those requiring in-home, long term care providers.  

Meanwhile, the three-level MultiGen homes are Ideal for multigenerational and extended families with members planning retirement and wanting to stay close to their children and grandchildren, and for large families with their own children entering college or university. Each home is complete with a separate entrance, living room, bedroom(s), washroom(s) and a full kitchen on every level. Shared outdoor spaces and amenities are perfect for staying connected with each generation of your family, while maintaining your privacy within your home. 

Niagara is the perfect location to purchase a MultiGen home. With ample space, you will not feel crowded like some homes in Toronto. Some may think the Niagara region is just casinos and the Niagara Falls, but the truth is Niagara boasts a lot more than just that.   

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There is always something to do in Niagara with your family. Head to one of Downtown Niagara Fall’s various attractions, while there, enjoy the nightly Niagara Falls Fireworks show. Or maybe bring along the whole family to the Butterfly Conservatory. Enjoy your time that many of us lost this past year and a half with your family, and discover Niagara in your MultiGen or FlexGen home.  

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parents and child