Home Maintenance

Your home is your biggest investment, as it is for most people, maintaining it is a must. Home maintenance can feel overwhelming especially if you are new homeowner.  Every season you need to keep on top of the on-going maintenance and your home will run efficiently with minimal headaches.


Start outdoors

Lawns and Hedges-It might be time to rake up of the lawn of any remaining leaves and lay down mulch in your flowerbeds. You may need to reseed your lawn depending on the damage over the winter months. Check your trees for signs of illness or any dead branches.

When everything turns bright and green it is time to fertilize your lawn and say goodbye to your snow blower and hello to your lawnmower. Before you cut your lawn, you might want to give your lawnmower a tune-up. 

In fact it may be time to give your house a bath. Good-bye winter! Take the storm windows off and wash all the windows inside and out. Touch up any exterior paint trim and get ready to enjoy the summer months in your new home, as it is time now to get outdoors and meet your new neighbours.