Washer and Dryer care


Clean the lint from the dryer door after each use. Depending on the size of the load check the auxiliary lint trap and clean as required.

We also suggest that you inspect the area around the drum for lint build up. Should the lint trap not be cleared, you will find that clothes will take longer to dry as there will be excessive humidity in your home and damage to the dryer motor and switches may result and cause a fire. We do not recommend shoes being put in the dryer as this may cause damage to your drum. If the humid, moist air remains in the room you may see signs of mildew build up.


When away from your home for an extended period of time, you should turn OFF the water shutoff valves to avoid possible flooding. We recommend that you periodically inspect the washer hoses for signs of wear and tear and possible loose connections. Hoses that break can cause substantial damage not only to your home. Replacement hoses require 250 PSI working pressure and 1,000 PSI burst pressure. Do not overload the washer.

Make sure to distribute the items evenly in the washer to avoid excessive vibration.