Periodically check hinge screws and tighten if required. This is considered Homeowner maintenance.

Although shelves are treated with a water-resistant topcoat, water or other liquids allowed to sit on the surface for a prolonged period of time may cause staining and/or bubbling.

Both cabinet exteriors and interiors may be cleaned with a mild soap solution on a clean dampened cloth, and then wiped with a water-dampened cloth. After cleaning, surfaces should be immediately buffed dry with a clean cloth.

Cabinets should not be cleaned with abrasive cleansers or strong detergents. Do not use steel wool or other abrasive items for cleaning purposes. These will scratch the top-coat layers of the finishing materials used on cabinet surfaces. Do not allow water to contact cabinet surfaces for more than a few minutes. Make sure that steam from all cooking appliances are redirected away from cabinet door surfaces.