Decorating Your Home

Get Inspired Planning Your New Space

Now the fun begins, it is time to unleash your creative juices and start planning for your interior space in your new home. Many designers believe the interior should match the exterior of your new home. What do you think? Take inspiration from the elements featured in each of these three styles and make them your own. 

What kind of style do you prefer?

Transitional, modern, or contemporary.


The combination of modern and traditional is perfect for warming up a new home.  In this decorating style you will see dark woods, stone, and neutral colour schemes accented with earthy reds, sages and olive green.


Modern style decorating offers clean lines, with wood and earth tones to warm up the space. White is the colour often used to achieve this effect of modern design.  It can in fact be any hue of gray, blue, or red. By picking one hue, you can select wall paint, flooring and furnishing in that same hue to compliment your space.


And of course, contemporary design which you can see showcased in many of our model homes. This design style is usually recommended in smaller spaces or if you want to highlight a home’s natural features such as fireplace, large windows, or any architectural feature you want to stand out.

No matter your style, don’t get overwhelmed by trying to decorate your entire new home at once.

Start slowly and ask yourself what is the most important room to you?  Is it the kitchen, master bedroom, or family room?  An easy way to start is to choose the rooms you plan to spend the most time in.

  Once you decide, spend some time flipping through magazines, watching decorating shows, and visiting model homes for inspiration in creating your decorating plan.  Once you choose the room(s) you want to start with, start with the largest piece of furniture you plan to keep and work your plan around the piece. For example, in the dining room start with the dining room table and go from there. 

Paint-From Ordinary into Extraordinary

Paint is the easiest and probably the least expensive way to transform your blank space.  And the best part of all, is you can easily paint it again if you do not like the colours you have selected. Creating a focal wall with darker colours and then adding accessories in the same shades can tie your look together.

Remember when choosing your colours to consider adding similar colour accents in each room to tie the rooms together.

Start researching now, visit our décor center, ask the experts and you will be surprised at how quickly your new home will be perfectly paired.  You can move in, immediately begin to entertain and enjoy a leisurely glass of wine in your new space.