Moving with Pets

5 Tips for Moving with Pets

We all know that moving can be one of the most stressful experiences for your family.  Add pets into the mix, and everyone’s stress levels, including your pets, will most likely rise.  Dogs and cats feel your stress and the best way to keep everyone on an even keel is to remain calm.  Although it sounds easier than it is, it will really make the moving experience more positive for everyone, even your pets.

Tip #1

Start packing early and do it in stages. Take frequent breaks which will allow your pets to continue their routines.  They do not thrive well in chaos and it is important to go slow.

Tip #2

Visit your veterinarian before you move get your pets checked out and have your records updated to take to your new vet. If you have an anxious pet, your vet can give you some techniques to help make the move to your new home a smooth transition.

Tip #3

The day has come for the big move and now it is time for all of your attention to be on the move, and it may be a good time to send your pets away.  Consider leaving them with a family or friend, drop them off at doggy day care or board them while the big move is underway.

Tip #4

Consider setting up a room with all of your pet’s favourite toys and treats. Slowly climatize your pet to your new home one room at a time, before exploring the rest of the house.  Although things can be quite hectic, it is important to establish a new routine quickly. Both cats and dogs thrive when they know what you expect, so the sooner mealtimes, playtimes and walks can happen on a schedule they have been accustomed to the better.

Tip #5

Introducing your pet to the yard and the neighbourhood requires patience. Do not just let them go outdoors and hope for the best. Make sure your fence is secure and check for any gaps before you unleash your pet to explore the backyard.   When on walks, allow the extra time for your pet to go slowly adjust to the neighborhood.

In summary, with proper planning, you can ensure that the entire family including your furry pets’ transition smoothly into your new home with ease.