Alex Aziz

Site Supervisor
(905) 357-5421
(905) 262-2222
Alex Aziz joined Pinewood in 2005 as an on-site labourer. Alex's outstanding work ethic quickly earned him the position of Service Director and he now serves as the Pinewood site supervisor, managing all sub-trades and on-site staff. Alex oversees the building of each Pinewood home and directs every aspect of the construction process. He is known for his warm smile and easy going disposition, and is an asset to Pinewood Homes.

Chris Greenall

Site Supervisor
(905) 262-2222
Chris works for the Pinewood group of companies as a Site Supervisor. He is a hard-working, multi-talented employee who works well with his customers and is always available to visit a homebuyer for any work they may need help with, or items that need maintenance. He is proficient in many construction fields and is a fixture in our condos, apartments, commercial and industrial properties. Occasionally, he is also called on to provide site work at our single-family developments.

Cindi Loforti

Sales Coordinator & Interior Designer
(905) 397-8616
Cindi LoForti joined the Pinewood team in 2007 and brings a wealth of design experience to Pinewood Homes. Bold or conservative, traditional or contemporary, dramatic or warm, whatever the client’s style, she will help create the home that best reflects them. In 2008, Pinewood Homes was presented with their first I.C.E. (Innovation Creativity and Excellence) Award for one of the model homes that Cindi designed and decorated. She enjoys working together with our clients to make their dream home a reality. Cindi brings passion and creativity to each Pinewood project that she is privileged to work on.

Ida Memme

(905) 262-2222
Working from the corporate office in an administrative capacity, Ida has a wide variety of tasks and she considers every day a new learning and growth experience. “I feel very happy and blessed. I enjoy being a part of our customer service and support team for all our purchasers, residential and commercial tenants, trades and suppliers. I look forward to continue growing, learning and working with my friends and co-workers and to provide the best possible service we can.”

Maureen Redman

Sales Coordinator
(905) 329-1756
Born and raised in the Niagara Region, Maureen spent over 35 years working for a Financial Institution in the fields of Sales, Financial Planning and Sales Management. In November 2011, she had the great opportunity to join the Pinewood team in a Sales Capacity. She uses her natural skills in sales, organization and customer satisfaction to assist prospective clients in a move to a new Pinewood Home. Knowing what a stressful and difficult decision this can be, Maureen utilizes her experience and financial know-how to make the move enjoyable and fun!

Michael Colaneri Jr.

Go To Guy
(905) 262-2222
As a child accompanying his parents to the job sites, Michael always looked up to his Mom, Dad, Sister and Grandparents. This tradition has been carried on as Michael is frequently seen with his young daughter accompanying him to locations in her pink hard hat! Michael grew up learning from the various skilled trades, some who still work with Pinewood. Michael was a kid that wanted to be every tradesman when he grew up. And with his mother’s “sure, you can!” attitude, he learned to enjoy the various tasks associated with operating the company. Today sales, operations and management of Pinewood is something Michael strives to always be a part of. Coupled with his parent’s way of thinking, and Michael’s modern approach, he has brought to Pinewood a variation of the old and new. His “avant-garde” approach to marketing has paved the way for many of Pinewood’s accomplishments. Michael is well-known for his devotion to his family, his generosity and his passion for life. Working side by side with his sister Tara, Michael often treats all his staff the same way as he does his sister. He always ensures his employees are treated like family, and appreciated thusly. “Without them, we are nothing."

Michael & Angie Colaneri

(905) 262-2222
As founders of Pinewood, Mike and Angie Colaneri, husband and wife team, have supported, developed and sustained employment and housing for much of our community. Since 1975, Mike and Angie have successfully owned and operated Pinewood through its early years, developing it into a well known, trusted and award-winning company it is today. Their diversity, creativity and flexibility has allowed Pinewood to move from project to project, job to job. Mike came from Italy at 13, and began hanging eavestroughs after school. He ventured into the skilled trade of a plumbing. After a few service calls, he decided it wasn’t for him. He starting painting homes and drywalling, and then ventured into building homes. With a lot of motivation, and a whole lot of help, Mike and Angie kept building on. Their friends and associates answered all their questions and helped them during the very difficult economical times and also during prosperous years. With this same type of support, Pinewood continues to grow into its 2nd generation of developers and with a staff like no other.

Tara Colaneri

Project Manager & Interior Designer
(905) 262-2222
Tara, as a young child, had the unique opportunity to learn her parents business first hand. Her parents, Mike and Angie, frequently brought her along to visit sub trades and suppliers. Angie would coordinate and make selections for Pinewood with Tara at her side, giving Tara the early knowledge of all faucets of her family’s business. Tara’s talented vision and design has put Pinewood at a different level and launched the vision for customization which we are proud to continue today. Tara manages and develops, Pinewood’s new apartment projects and our larger condo sites while implementing all that she has learned. Tara is loved for her personality, her constant smile, and her open-door policy.

Travis Dolan

Property Maintenance & Landscape Designer
(905) 262-2222
Travis, a long time Niagara resident, has been a landscaping artist for more than ten years and has been with Pinewood Niagara Builders for over five years now. During his time with us, many of the sites that he has cultivated have earned the prestigious Trillium Award for Design and Care. Travis is proud to make the properties he maintains some of the most beautiful in the Niagara Region.

Walter Antypov

Site Assistant
(905) 262-2222
Walter is one of the newest members of our teams and had proven himself invaluable. His talents in the construction fields allow him the ability to assist our site workers in various tasks and jobs. He builds, maintains, and offers his services towards any items that need a helping hand. Walter has proven himself capable and talented and has become an amazing addition to the Pinewood team!

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