Instagram Worthy Spots

Our Favourite Instagram Worthy Spots in Niagara

Journey behind the falls, take a leisurely stroll down Niagara-on-the-Lake, stop in front of the Prince of Wales Hotel, take it to the edge of The Table Rock Complex overlooking the Horseshoe Falls. Visit the Niagara Essential Oils & Blends (NEOB) Lavender Farm. Gram it up with a stop to one of the many breathtaking vineyards such as Colaneri Estates Winery, stop by Graffiti Alley – in downtown St. Catharine’s and don’t forget Queenston Heights and The Niagara Glen with hiking trails that bring to areas where you will get to see the Niagara River from an entirely new and different point of view.

Want to get a good picture for the ‘gram this weekend, this is your chance to stop scrolling and start taking  photos of your favourite spots around Niagara!

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